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Heidi Beachley

Yoga is much more than a physical activity to me as it dives into the realm of spiritual enlightenment with endless possibilities. My yoga teaching focuses on anatomy, intensity, and humor. I do asana, anatomy, yoga nidra, meditation, and teach a 50 hour Yin Yoga Intensive training with a concentration on yoga therapy. One of my favorite parts of teaching yoga is facilitating yoga retreats around the world including Panama, Mexico, and India.

Tünde Borrego

It is hard to put into words why I love teaching yoga so much. It allows me to both give and receive. I enjoy making the sequence of postures fun and accessible yet challenging. Yoga links the mind to body, using breath and postures and allows a break from mind chatter. Whether you are looking for a good physical work out, or an hour break from your monkey mind, I encourage everyone to practice. I mix play and strength so my students leave my class feeling energized and ready for what is next.

Dani Perry

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado living a very active lifestyle. I moved to Boulder for school where I found myself immersed in the lively and mindful lifestyle of its yoga community. Since then, yoga has been an important part of my everyday life, practicing, teaching and leading further extensive training. Yoga provides a path to the resilience we hold physically, mentally and emotionally. I challenge students to find their edge while also appreciating the joy. Yoga is for everyone, and the true beauty of yoga is its simplicity - combining breath to movement - you can reconnect to your highest self.

Richii Jai

As a Colorado native, I am a true yoga enthusiast. I engage in personal practice and teach yoga/fitness classes daily. My interest is to feel great, have fun and to share what I discover with my students along the way. Each of my students receives my full attention. By utilizing my deep knowledge of human anatomy and proper alignment, I try to help my students reach new heights with each practice. I welcome and encourage my students to make requests, be honest, feel free and welcome curiosity while exploring their postures.

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